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Parent & Whānau testimonials from Island Bay Childcare

Island Bay Childcare is fantastic! Our oldest son absolutely thrived in the loving care of the teachers there. He was so confident and well prepared when the time came for him to transition to primary school. Our youngest daughter still attends the centre – we wouldn’t have even thought about sending her anywhere else! She’s a much more sensitive child than our first, and I did worry about her in a large group environment, but yet again, the commitment of the teachers and their genuine, nurturing and caring attitude has really brought her out of her shell. She is confident, happy, and building real friendships. She actually asks to go to daycare on the weekends! As a parent, there’s really nothing more you can want for your child than to see them thriving and happy – so thank you!


Both our kids have really loved going to Island Bay Childcare, with one starting 6 months of age. The teachers are knowledgeable and caring and do a good job of communicating with parents about what is happening with your child. I especially appreciate the stories and pictures uploaded to the online system, which is printed out for a great book of memories. The kids (and we) also love the cooked lunches included each day.Sally

My daughter started Island Bay Childcare are age 6 months. She was one of only a couple of young babies at that stage and she received a lot of specialised attention. I received regular updates from the staff on her development and photos of everything she got up to.

She transitioned to the over 2s room just after my son was born and they were very supportive of some extra assistance she needed during this time.

My son started at age 10 months and was very accustomed to the centre as he had been with me to drop off and pick up my daughter while she attended daycare part-time during my maternity leave. (The staff had been very accommodating with changes to my daughter’s attendance during this time).

The staff already knew my son well as both of my children are ‘spirited’, and he had already gained all of their attention. My son had a great transition and has thrived in the babies room. My children get to see and talk to each other from their outdoor areas and in the later afternoon when they are near each other in the big room.

My daughter is about to transition to the over 3.5 year room and I look forward to making closer relationships with the teachers in that room. My children are multicultural and the centre has been very supportive of respecting this and assisting with their bilingualism. I also have great relationships with the administration staff.

I am very happy to have Island Bay Childcare assist me in the education and care of my children and truly recommend it.




We have a high ratio of teacher to children to allow times of attentive one-on-one care and learning opportunities.


Our teachers take a nurturing approach and are responsive, and recognise and respond to children’s verbal and non-verbal cues.


Our trained cook has been providing nutritious interesting meals since our center opened in 2011.
She can prepare a healthy alternative for your child to suit whatever their needs may be.