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Island Bay Childcare Philosophy 

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At Island Bay Childcare we provide a welcoming and engaging environment where babies and young children can flourish and their learning takes flight.
Our centre is a place to explore and create, with hands on learning in a safe and homely setting. We nurture the children in our care, providing plenty of opportunity for laughter, friendship, and learning. We provide cooked kai each day, plenty of fresh air and a balance of peaceful and high energy play to ensure children are healthy and happy.Our teachers are committed and passionate early childhood professionals who create a warm and responsive learning environment, filled with aroha and genuine care.

We offer varied, play-based learning using the New Zealand Early Childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki, and up to date theories and practices in the field of education. We see children as capable and powerful learners. We support children to discover their interests, inspire wider world thinking and promote social competence. Each child is on their own unique learning journey at Island Bay Childcare and we work closely with children and their whānau to support and extend children’s individual interests and goals. We support children to become well rounded, confident and ready for school when they leave our care. 

All languages, cultures, families and religions are important as part of our Island Bay Childcare whānau. We believe in celebrating and supporting diversity. We have strong relationships with our centre whānau and our Island Bay community and support our tamariki to grow in a connected and collaborative setting.

At Island Bay Childcare we believe he waka eke noa (we’re all in this together) and we are welcoming and supportive of everyone in our centre whānau. We work together to make this a great place to learn and grow.


Children’s learning and development are fostered by building on what children bring to early childhood education including family/whanau, culture and language.


Adults can provide the encouragement, warmth and acceptance. Teachers can provide challenges for creative and complex learning and thinking, helping children to extend their ideas through sensitive informed, well judged intervention and support.


Children will have the opportunities to create and act on their own ideas, to develop knowledge and skills in areas that interest them and to make an increasing number of their own decisions.


Children’s learning and development will be integrated through tasks, activities and contexts that have meaning for the child such as care routines, mealtimes, exploration and play and maintaining warm relationships with other children and teachers.