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Johnsonville Childcare Philosophy

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At Johnsonville Childcare, we promote opportunities based on children’s interests and ideas that offer challenges, where children can take risks in a safe environment. We encourage problem-solving and develop the child’s natural inquisitiveness and the curiosity of children.

We acknowledge and respect children’s feelings as we strive to help them become positive participants in the learning community. We empower children by promoting a sense of ownership and belonging and encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning and actions. We support tamariki in developing their social competencies through empathetic, respectful, reciprocal relationships, whilst acknowledging the individuality of the child. Preparing children for life, supporting them to grow as individuals and gain the life skills they need to reach their full potential.

We value and respect ourselves, each other and the natural environment. We recognise our bicultural nation and acknowledge and respect the cultural diversity of individuals in our community, this is reflected in our curriculum and delivery.

We recognise that parents have the most significant influence on the child’s development and well-being and promote an environment of open and honest communication, working with and alongside families.


Children’s learning and development are fostered by building on what children bring to early childhood education including family/whanau, culture and language.


Adults can provide the encouragement, warmth and acceptance. Teachers can provide challenges for creative and complex learning and thinking, helping children to extend their ideas through sensitive informed, well judged intervention and support.


Children will have the opportunities to create and act on their own ideas, to develop knowledge and skills in areas that interest them and to make an increasing number of their own decisions.


Children’s learning and development will be integrated through tasks, activities and contexts that have meaning for the child such as care routines, mealtimes, exploration and play and maintaining warm relationships with other children and teachers.