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Johnsonville Childcare Team

Johnsonville Childcare has an experienced teaching team. All of our qualified and registered teachers are trained in Early Childhood Education and are registered with the Education Council. Our non-qualified teachers are currently in training to receive their Early Childhood Education qualification. Every qualified teacher is considered to be a person responsible in the centre.

Meet our friendly Johnsonville team


Centre Manager

Early Childhood Fully Certified Teacher

Kia Ora, my name is Nikki, I am the Centre Manager.

Graduating from Victoria University in 2006, I hold a Bachelor of Education and I am a fully Registered Teacher.  I have been working in early childhood since I was 17 Years old, this has always been my passion from such a young age.

I really enjoy meeting families, building relationships and working in partnership with them while enjoying being a part of the early stages of learning and development of the children.  Knowing that I can make a difference is my dream fulfilled.


Room Leader in the Nursery

Early Childhood Fully Certified Teacher

Kia Ora my name is Amy, I am the Room Leader for the Nursery.

I grew up in Southland and obtained my bachelor of Teaching (ECE) from Otago University in 2010. I moved to the Wellington region in 2012 where I was a stay at home mum for 22 months with my daughter. I joined the team at Johnsonville Childcare in September 2013.

I have previously worked in both 2-5 years and 0-2 years and have found my passion to be working with the infants and toddlers, and since becoming a mother myself I feel as though I appreciate these younger years all the more. I love getting to know the children and their families, building strong reciprocal relationships. I adore working with children to develop their confidence in all areas and always try to create a loving, supportive and safe environment for them to grow in.


Early Childhood Fully Certified Teacher

Assistant Room Leader in the Nursery

Kia Ora, my name is Arndrea and I have been a teacher at Johnsonville Childcare since March 2014 working in the Nursery (Under 2’s). I have a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) and I am a qualified and fully certificated teacher.

I was born in Lower Hutt and have lived between Wellington and Tauranga my whole life, but I now call Wellington home.

I love working alongside children and spending time getting to know them and their whanau. It is wonderful working alongside children as they grow, learn new things and develop into confident and capable learners.  I have a passion for working with the younger age group as every day is filled with hugs, fun and exciting experiences.


Fully Certificated Early Childhood Teacher

Room Leader in the Classroom

Ayubowan, my name is Mala. I am the room leader of the Classroom (Over 2’s). I joined Johnsonville Childcare in 2007. I am a qualified and registered early childhood teacher as well as holding a Bachelor of Science. I am originally from Sri Lanka where I worked for 8 years in secondary school teaching Applied and Pure mathematics. I migrated to New Zealand with my husband and son in 2000.

I am a strong believer in respecting and promoting child-led learning as they develop into competent and capable individuals and creating a learning environment which fosters a child’s ability to explore, perceive, investigate, imagine and problem solve.

I have a particular interest in sustainable practice through the Enviroschool programme, strengthening and sharing my ideas with the learning community.


Assistant Room Leader in the Classroom

Kia Ora, my name is Sudama and I am a registered teacher working in the classroom. I joined Johnsonville Childcare in 2014 and before that I lived and worked in Auckland 7 years prior to moving to Wellington.

I am originally from Sri Lanka where I was as ESL/English teacher across all ages right from early years through to university.  I obtained a Graduate Diploma in ECE from University of Auckland after moving to New Zealand as I have a great passion for Early Childhood.

My greatest joy is inspiring children to br creative and promoting their early literacy through fun games and activities.  In my spare time I enjoy crafts, cooking, baking, playing and teaching the piano and spending time with my family.

I am proud to be a valued member of Johnsonville Childcare and look forward to building lasting relationships with the children and their families.


Early Childhood Fully Certified Teacher

Kia Ora, my name is Katie.


Early Childhood Fully Certified Teacher

Kia Ora, my name is Karen and I am originally from Hong Kong. I graduated form Victoria University of Wellington with a degree in commerce in 1998 and Whitireia Community Polytechnic with a degree in Early Childhood Education in 2010. Since then I have been working at Johnsonville Childcare, I first started off as a reliever and now a permanent teacher.

I like to work in a multi cultural environment, it provides an opportunity for me to know and learn about different cultures.

My interests are cooking, watching movies, gardening and going to cafes.


Hi, I’m Geetha.


Early Childhood Fully Certified Teacher

Kia Ora, my name is Sophia, my Chinese name is Li-Chen Yang.

I moved from Taiwan and settled down in New Zealand in 2006, living with my husband and son. I have been a part of the Johnsonville Childcare team since 2013.

My hobbies are music, movies and food.


Hi, I’m Lukas.