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Queenstown Childcare

Philosophy & Learning Priorities

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At Curious Minds we believe tamariki, Kaiako and whānau are all ākonga soaring on a journey of learning as one.

At Curious Minds forming strong reciprocal relationships is at the heart of our way of being. Ensuring all ākonga know they have a place here and are valued for the mana they bring. Creating a safe and nurturing foundation for learning to take flight.

Respect is at the foundation of our interactions and helps us discover who we are. We value the bicultural heritage of Aotearoa and strive to build knowledge and understanding of tangata whenua, whenua and the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We celebrate our multi-cultural community and pursue ways to grow our understanding of diversity.

We plant the seed to empower all ākonga to see themselves and each other as competent and confident individuals who steer their own learning. Growing independence, kindness, and compassion to create our flourishing learning community.

Curiosity sparks our sense of wonder as we seek knowledge. Our environment acts as the third teacher and is carefully curated to provide endless opportunities for individual exploration and collaborative discovery. We inspire ākonga to be kaitiakitanga and care for papatūānuku and all that is living. 

Seeking challenges and discovering working theories to understand and conquer them, strengthens our abilities to take risks, cope with change and see ourselves as curious lifelong learners.


Children’s learning and development are fostered by building on what children bring to early childhood education including family/whanau, culture and language.


Adults can provide the encouragement, warmth and acceptance. Teachers can provide challenges for creative and complex learning and thinking, helping children to extend their ideas through sensitive informed, well judged intervention and support.


Children will have the opportunities to create and act on their own ideas, to develop knowledge and skills in areas that interest them and to make an increasing number of their own decisions.


Children’s learning and development will be integrated through tasks, activities and contexts that have meaning for the child such as care routines, mealtimes, exploration and play and maintaining warm relationships with other children and teachers.